Choose a Healthier Treat to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Check out our fruit bowl restaurant in Hoover, AL

Are you craving a sweet treat? Stop by FAB Fruit for a tasty and nutritional fruit bowl or smoothie! Our family-owned fruit bowl restaurant uses fresh, high-quality ingredients to create snacks that are so delicious you won't believe we don't add sugar. That's right - our nutritional local fruit smoothies and bowls have no sugar added!

Not only do we serve delicious and healthy food, but we also care about our community. Our acai and smoothie shop gives back to local charities. Visit our local-loving fruit bowl restaurant in Hoover, AL today.

Build a fruit bowl that delights your tastebuds

Are you a strawberry banana fruit fan, but your friend prefers tropical flavors? There's something for everyone at FAB Fruit! You can order one of our suggested creations or build your own bowl, even choosing the base you want. Bases are made from:

  • Acai - which has super-high levels of antioxidants and nutrients
  • Pitaya - which is made of dragon fruit and tastes faintly of watermelon
  • Spinach - which will give you plenty of fiber, calcium and vitamins

Not sure which one you want? Our friendly staff loves making recommendations.

No matter the base, fruit and toppings you decide on for your bowl, you can count on us to go big on presentation. We pride ourselves on serving beautiful bowls you can't wait to take a bite out of.

Any time is smoothie time

Any occasion is a great occasion to enjoy a local fruit smoothie or bowl. You can enjoy our food and:

Refuel after a tough workout

Catch up with friends after a long day

Study or work in bliss

Want to enjoy our snacks outside of our shop? You can find us on DoorDash, and we even offer large-scale catering for your upcoming event. Contact us now to schedule catering services.