Meet the small but mighty açaí (ah-sigh-EE) berry. It's a grape-like fruit harvested from açaí palm trees, which are native to the rainforests of South America. Açaí's flavor is a bit more earthy than other berries, sorta like a cross between a blackberry and a piece of chocolate.


Açaí has super high levels of antioxidants! And what are those?!? Antioxidants protect our bodies from the damaging effects of free radicals. Our bodies make free radicals (unstable molecules that cause stress) during our normal body functions or when we are exposed to things like air pollution, exhaust, cigarette smoke or even the sun! When we are overexposed to free radicals, we are at risk for premature aging and illness because free radicals destroy the cells and tissues that make up our bodies.

What else does Açaí contain? Açaí has loads of healthy fatty acids, such as oleic acid, one of the same oils found in olive oil. It's also low in natural sugar, and it's nutrient dense.

See?! We told you it was small but mighty!


Meet Pitaya

You might have heard of it before...it's commonly known as Dragon Fruit! Pitaya is a superfruit indigenous to Central and South America. The fruit's texture is similar to the kiwifruit with its black, crunchy seeds. It has a faint, sweet taste like an earthy watermelon. Some species of Dragon Fruit have white flesh, or pulp, on the inside. The flowers can be eaten or steeped as tea. Delightful!


Pitaya is naturally fat-free and high in fiber (sweet we need that)! The seed oil contains the fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid and it's loaded with rich in antioxidants (there's that word again) and Vitamin C! Pitaya nutrients encourage probiotic growth in the gut and it's a good source of iron and magnesium.

With all this goodness, who can resist! It's good for your tastebuds AND your body. Win Win